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Africa is the world's second largest continent and contains many exciting cultures, peoples and climate zones. From the Mediterranean Sea, in the north, to the Cape of Good Hope, in the south,  the differences are large. Each area has its unique culture, specialties, and especially its unique history. Tours to Africa is perhaps most associated with safari trips, but there is much more to discover for everyone who travels there, regardless of interest. Africa may seem to be economically poor, but the continent has a rich history with many attractions, a striking rich nature and offers its visitors an amazing amount of experience.

South Africa - Home of Cape Town and Johannesburg
From safari to surf and adrenaline filled thrills to scenic routes... Take a walk on the wild side and experience the diversity, culture and year round value for money of South Africa

Eastern Africa - Kenya, Tanzania and beyond
View the Big 5 in the Masai Mara, hang with the pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru, gaze into the eyes of a mountain gorilla, stalk the hungry lions on the Serengeti and climb Mt Kilimanjaro and relax in the crystal blue waters of Zanzibar.

Botswana & Viktoria Falls - Incredible wildlife and thunderous falls
Experience the thunder and adventure of the mighty Victoria Falls & Zambezi River and experience the wild waters and national parks of Botswana.

Namibia - Go sand boarding
Visit Namibia to surf humungous sand dunes, gawk at gorgeous wildlife and hang with the local tribes. Turn your travel fantasies in reality in Namibia.

Egypt - Experience the Great Pyramids
Pyramids, papyrus and the Ptolemies make Egypt one of the most exciting destinations in the world. Explore its 6000-year old history through some of the most spectacular archaeological treasures in existence. And know that the intrigue doesn't end there.

Morocco - Marrakesh, bazaars and more!
Morocco has a fascinating history, culture, landscape and spectacular scenery and it's a wonderful country to experience! No matter how well-seasoned a traveler you are, you'll find plenty to see and do in Morocco.

Hilon Travel has a large experience of traveling to Africa.
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