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It takes time to get from Canada's mighty expanses to the white beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, through the steep streets of San Francisco, glamour of Hollywood tales in Disney World and the New York skyscrapers. But in Hilon Travels world are all gathered in one place, and with a few clicks you get the best from three fabulous countries – fantastic in completely different ways. Welcome to North America!

In the U.S., everything’s big - also the distances. A good advice is to not combine too many places and hotels on the same journey. If you select the east coast then a good tip is to combine some rich full days in New York or Orlando with swimming and sunbathing in south Florida. On the west coast, many people choose to discover San Francisco and the surrounding area and taking a car drive down the coast road to Los Angeles, visit the Hollywood dream factory and enjoy California's laid-back beach life. Short said – combine wisely and you’ll get more of the vast country “over there”.

It is easy to see why so many falls in love with South America. The exotic continent meets all expectations and dreams, whatever you expect or dream about. Beautiful beaches, wonderful nature, interesting history, fascinating culture and a food- and wine tradition which is second to none. Select the samba in Brazil or the tango in Argentina or Uruguay. Explore a country or combine several. In our world there are many choices.

Argentina; Few countries can show such contrasts as Argentina. Here you can tick among giant icebergs, hike through the damp dripping rainforests and ride over the big mighty Pampas plains. The stunning capital of Buenos Aires offers everything for all tastes, from opera houses, art galleries and football to cheap shopping and passionate atmosphere of the city's tango places. Argentina was for a long time a Spanish colony and in the capital you see the European influences - most inhabitants have Spanish or Italian roots. The Café- and restaurant culture is high and the Argentines love to socialize over a meal.

Brazil; just getting hotter and hotter, which is fully understandable, given the amazing beaches, the sun safe climate and atmosphere that exists here. Casual and life-affirming, just like the samba.

What is e-ticket?

All ticket information is stored electronically in the computer system and an itinerary receipt is given to you at the time of ticketing containing all ticket data. Reservation and payment procedures are all the same as in paper ticket.

Don't forget your documents

For international travel, you must ensure that you have a vaild passport, applicable visas and other travel documents for the countries you intend to visit.

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Hilon Travel encourages travelers to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before domestic, and two hours before international scheduled departures.

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