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Thailand's beautiful beaches, the amazing culture of China, Malaysia's ancient rainforests, or India's strong contrasts. The world's largest continent, both in terms of area and population, including a huge diversity that can be experienced on a total different way.

is changing at an incredible pace. Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are now ultra-modern cities. A big part of the old quarter, Hutong, has given way for skyscrapers of glass and steel. Shanghai is the red-hot right now - not only to discerning globetrotters. Superlative Erna hails around China's largest city and it is no coincidence that the forerunner of the fast growing Chinese development has been the given hosting of World Expo 2010.

Thailand is one of our recent best-loved destinations, yet it is the sense of exoticism and novelty conserved. Still, you can find a custom pearl-white beach, lush nature and culture, which both invites and enchants. You meet diversity and generosity. There is simply space for both holidays in the sun, deserted paradise, culture, fabulous taste sensations, and hot nights in the urban jungle and exciting adventures.

In Malaysia, you will meet all of Asia Faces: colorful markets, some of the world's tallest buildings, the world's oldest rainforest, myths, legends and white paradise beaches, where palm trees cast shadows in the light gray fine-grained sand. The price level is low and Malaysia itself is known for its hospitality and their warm smiles.

India, with about one billion inhabitants, is the world's second most populous country. And definitely one of the largest and most contrast-rich! Here you cand find it all. Snow-capped Himalayan Mountains in the north, wheat yellow plains and desert in the middle and southern jungles, white beaches and coconut palms.

Philippines, are an archipelago filled with islands, volcanic mountains and tropical greenery. That is one side of the Philippines. On the other side you have the larger cities such as Manila, where every second is full of life and movement - around the clock. For those who want to explore the country, boat is a good option, because it is cheap to get around, although you should have plenty of time.

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