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Australia is the country that year after year peaks Swedes' list of "dream destinations". And no wonder. Here are some of the world's best beaches, the world's oldest rainforest, the world's greatest species diversity of flora and fauna, the world's largest coral reef and perhaps the world's nicest people. The country, which is also a continent, is almost as big as the United States and covers three time zones and two climatic zones.

: Take an exciting blend of culture, history and beach. Add a vibrant nightlife with plenty of "attitude" and you've got Sydney.

Australia's largest city - beautiful, exciting and entertaining. Here at Australia's southeast coast, it is pleasantly warm all year around and there is plenty to do as a tourist, both in the city and in its surroundings.

Melbourne, in southern Australia, with its beautiful lush gardens, green lawns, wide boulevards and many pavement cafés called "Garden City". Experience the city from the charming cable cars!

Melbourne is Australia's leading fashion city and part of the elegant Bourke Street known as Little Paris. The ranges of world class restaurants are impressive and all tastes are catered for. In Chinatown, for example, are the Asian restaurants close and the elegant Southgate, along the Yarra River, there are many more restaurants and shops. Do not miss the beach life at St. Kilda, Melbourne's most popular beach, a playground for sun, swimming, sports and games. From Melbourne, you can make interesting day trips or trips with overnight stays. Join an organized tour or rent your own car!

Great Barrier Reef:
Dunk Island is one of Australia's most beautiful islands, with wonderful beaches and lush rainforest.

Dunk Island's old nickname "Coonanglebah" - the Island of Peace and Plenty, fits just as well now as then. Here you'll find elongated, pure white beaches, lush rainforest and a tropical climate all year round. The island has a wide range of activities, despite its small size (about 1,000 hectares). Great Barrier Reef with its wonderful, colorful coral reefs is just a short boat ride away.

Ayers Rock is the world-famous cliff with a magic that can only be experienced on site.
In the southern part of the Northern Territory lies, like an oasis in the desert, the famous town of Alice Springs. Flying Doctors are also located here. For many tourists, this is an obvious place to visit. One tip is to take the train, the classic, The Ghan, from Adelaide.

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