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How do you arrange a memorable group tour to the lowest possible price? We know how. Contact us for free advice! We have the greatest skills, the best contacts and experience from a variety of group travels. Don't hesitate, we love challenges ...
Group tours and conference trips often create a good fellowship and to experience the wonderful travel experiences together create a good atmosphere and offers many shared memories, whether it's with the company, a group of friends, workmates or the association.
How can you influence the price?
The easiest way to influence the cost is to be out in time. In the case of scheduled flights, there are different price ranges on all flights and the cheapest are the ones booked first. It differs from package holidays, where you can be lucky to find cheap travel when approaching date of the trip.

The destinations are endless!
It is in unexpected and open environments that the creative flow is greatest. The trip can be short or long, but the focus in the choice of destination should be on what the place can bring to your meeting.
You decide the destination, we take you there!

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What is e-ticket?

All ticket information is stored electronically in the computer system and an itinerary receipt is given to you at the time of ticketing containing all ticket data. Reservation and payment procedures are all the same as in paper ticket.

Don't forget your documents

For international travel, you must ensure that you have a vaild passport, applicable visas and other travel documents for the countries you intend to visit.

Don't be late

Hilon Travel encourages travelers to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before domestic, and two hours before international scheduled departures.

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